What is Iqama? How to read or Know its Details mention on Iqama

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There is something useful information for expatriates who’re living in Saudi Arabia. Similarly, these information on Iqama are extremely useful for any expatriate. There is importance of Iqama in Saudi Arabia for every expatriate till his/her stay in Kingdom. Moreover, Iqama is also known as Muqeem Card which is issued by Ministry of Interior. Click on the trending, Iqama holders to host Guest Umrah Pilgrims Soon.

What is Iqama

What is Iqama? How to read or know your Iqama?

You may have know about Iqama before. Let you know, Iqama is basically a resident identity for expatriates who’re living in Saudi Arabia. While roaming in Saudi Arabia every expatriate should carry it with themselves. Iqama is valid and basic residential permit for foreigners to stay in Saudi Land. You won’t mess with any problem while carrying your Iqama in any region of Saudi. Similarly, Saudi officials can ask expatriate to show their Iqama. Here we’re providing you all the details mentioned on your Iqama. These details are according to numbers in the given screenshot. Tap on the link to checkout your Iqama validity through online.

  1. Name in English
  2. Name in Arabic
  3. Iqama Number (الرقم)
  4. Print Number (نسخه)
  5. Place of Issue (مكان الاصدار)
  6. Issue Date (الاصدار)
  7. Date of Birth (الميلاد)
  8. Profession (المهنة)
  9. Nationality (الجنسية)
  10. Religion (الديانة)
  11. Work Permit (رخصة العمل) Also checkout expatriate work permit fee payment status.
  12.  Sponsor Name (صاحب العمل)
  13. Photo
  14. Iqama Number barcode
  15. Iqama Number

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