Qualified Expats could get new Iqamas with Special Rights

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The Consultative Assembly (Shoura Council) of Saudi Arabia granted the eminent Iqama Law for qualifying expatriates. Similarly, the law is to grant efficient rights for qualifying expatriates with the new Iqama. According to permit law, new Iqama holder will get the family status in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, They can get visit visas for their relatives, hire domestic workers except owning properties in Saudi. Further, transportation and other domestic benefits will be provided. Also checkout Saudi Green Card. Saudi Arabia launches Gold Card to attract internationally talent.

Qualified Expats could get new Iqamas with Special Rights

The granted law’s purpose is to attract with affluent people with special treatment. As per law which enforced by Consultative Assembly of Saudi, they have to pay a special free. Hence, Saudi officials established a center which is known as center of distinguished Iqama. In addition to, there will be two types of resident permits allow in Saudi. The first Permit will be one year  validity and the second one will be unlimited period of time. Similarly, the first permit will be require to renewal in order to continue the living facility.

Let you know that to get new Iqama, there are some elements are require. These elements are having valid passport, good financial resources, sound health report and no criminal certification as well. Click on the given recommendation Green Cards through healthy investments.  Moreover, Saudi Shoura Council has approved the amendments about article 17 and 21 related to Anti Graft Law. They also favor number of articles in Saudi Building Code.


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