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In recent times, there are some slight changes in Iqama with the new Muqeem card for new expatriates. From now, renewed Iqama has no five years expiry on it as it shows Issue date instead of Expiry date. Similarly, there had some slight changes occur in renewed Iqama that you can see from below. Also have a look on No Tax on Expatriate Money.

  • The first change is its expiry date which is replaced with an issue date on Iqama. It doesn’t mean that there is no expiry validity now on your Iqama. Validity of expiry date is still available but it is online. You can also checkout Iqama Expiry Date.
  • Similarly, place of issue is replace with Electronic Services instead of City Name.
  • Business Licence Number has removed from renewed Iqama/Muqeem Card.

Expatriates who have already renewed their Iqama, they’re familiar with these changes. As we told you before that old Iqama are now replacing with the new Muqeem cards with some changes. Whether it will be change for yearly or once in five years, Nobody is sure till yet. Also checkout New Fee for Expatriate’s Iqama.

Moreover, you may have noticed that a few expatriates have both old and new Iqama with five years validity. So, let them know that there is only one Iqama is valid in Saudi Arabia whereas, old one is already expired even though it has 5 years validity. Furthermore, Saudi Authorities will now checkout your Card number as well.

Iqama Card Number

Similarly, if we talk about Iqama card number so, Iqama card number is a number that change everytime you get a new one. If you ever change your Iqama, Renewed Iqama or transfer Iqama as well so, its number will change everytime. In this case, you can get caught if you are using valid card or not and it is the only authentic way to checkout. Never forget to check Benefits of Iqama.


In previous year, Saudi Govt officials bring a new change of expatriate Iqama. Authorities have extended the validity of Iqama with 5 years instead of 1 year. Also Iqama name has replaced with Muqeem residence identity card. Have a look on Saudi Muqeem Residence Card.



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