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There is something important news for expatriates who’re living in Saudi Arabia. The news is that from they cannot check their Iqama Expiry date through moi.gov.sa website. Similarly, moi.gov.sa online website is no more functional. For checking Iqama expiry date online as they ask for visiting new site absher.sa.

iqama expiry absher

For instance, if any expatriate from Saudi try to check their Iqama from moi.gov.sa site. So, they can’t be able to check their Iqama expiry from now on wards. Unfortunately, this is bad news for many expatriates in Saudi but its not means that you can’t check it online. As we told you before that you need to visit the site absher.sa online. It is mandatory to have an account in absher.sa as well. So, you don’t need to worry about it because you can still checkout your Iqama Expiry data from the site. However, its is not mandatory for users to get their own account, user can check their Iqama expiry from others account.

Iqama Expiry Date Check With Absher

The steps are so simple to checkout your Iqama Expiry online through absher.sa website. Simply visit the website of absher.sa from your browser and there you will see a search box at top. On the search bar, just write the query “Iqama Expiry Service” and hit the enter. From that option you can checkout your or even others Iqama Expiry date on absher.sa site. The procedure of checking Iqama Expiry is the same as you did on the recent site moi.gov.sa. Just enter your Iqama Number and image code on the text boxes so it will show you the expiry date of your resident id.

Let you know that old site for checking Iqama Expiry is no more working from now on wards. So, we’ve shared the site “absher.sa” where you can check your Iqama expiry online withing seconds. Absher.sa website comes with the newly features and user friendly also. So, you can use it easily and do all the procedure conveniently. It is recommended for all expatriates to visit the mentioned site and get you all desire information online.

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