Iqama Procedure For FAMILY and Dependents

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This article is based on those people whose families are on permanent visa in Saudi. Through this article we’ll tell you that how can you apply for Iqama for your family. Similarly, we’ll show you all the procedure with details about applying Iqama for family members or dependents. Let you know that if your family or any family member living in Saudi on permanent visa then you’ll have to apply for their Iqama. Now Iqama is mandatory for all living expatriates, families even if they have already permanent visa. In this case, you’ll have to pay dependent fees before applying Iqama for dependent or family. Hence, there are some documents require for applying family Iqama that you need to follow. Follow the article Dependent Fee is Mandatory for applying Iqama.


Let me clear one thing that if your family arrives in Kingdom of Saudi then you should first go to authorized medical center/hospital for medical test. This medical test is mandatory for applying family Iqama even if your family have already did it in native country. Hence, after gets into Saudi Arabia the first thing to do is to go for medical test in authorized medical center. Similarly, when your medical test gets finish then your report will be updated within 2 days on MOI site online. Also have a look on Medical Insurance for family in Saudi Arabia.

What documents are require for Applying family Iqama

There are some documents are require for applying family Iqama in Saudi Arabia.

  1. Two Photographs of each family member.
  2. Passport copy (First page & Visa page).
  3. Two copies of your Iqama.
  4. Family Iqama form should be filled.

You can fill the family Iqama form with the help of an agent who will sit near the Jawazat office. Similarly, agent may charge your for filling your family Iqama form or you can fill it online through MOI (Minister of Interior) website.

Procedure for applying Iqama for family members or dependents

Family Iqama Procedure in ksa

The procedure for applying family Iqama is simple and what you’ve to do is to visit the Jawazat office of your living city in Saudi. You should have all the above documents mentioned at above and family Iqama filled form as well. Just go to the Jawazat counter and get your token from there. When you will be ask for your documents on your turn then you need to submit all the required documents with family Iqama filled form. You may asked for showing your original Iqama at the counter. After that your family Iqama will be printed and handled to you if everything goes well. If anyone’s baby born when you’re already on permanent visa then follow the article Add your child under your Iqama.

issuing Family Iqama in saudia


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