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Today we’re here to share the procedure about checking MOI funds under your Iqama. Saudi MOI now lets you to check MOI funds under your Iqama/Muqeem through online site Minister of Interior. Similarly, let you know these funds would be deposit by you through internet banking for govt related services. Also these funds could be deposit by your sponsor. Similarly, you can easily checkout the status of any service through MOI funds site online.

These services are Sponsorship transfer, Profession change, Permanent family visa, Family visit visa, visit visa extension. Furthermore, services are such as driving license, drive license renewal, register vehicle to your name, Passport deposit or any other labor deposit as well. Let you know if you find your MOI funds online then it means your transaction isn’t process. But if you didn’t find any MOI funds then it means transaction are processed as fee is deducted.

How To Check available MOI Funds on Iqama or Muqeem

  1. First of all visit the Minister of Interior website online then select English language and choose “Public Query Available Funds”. This option will be available on Saudi Arabia Diwan section at MOI.
  2. You can visit the site by clicking on this link Public Query Available Funds.
  3. After that it will ask you to enter your Iqama number and image code. So, you have to enter your Iqama number and image code just shown in the screenshot at below. After that click on the view button as you can see on the given image. MUQEEM IQAMA NUMBER and IMAGE CODE
  4. There you can see available MOI funds under your Iqama with mentioned date of today. MOI funds under your Iqama

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