How to Check Huroob Status with Passport Number?

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Today, we brought an article about checkout Huroob of  expatriate. Here we’ll describe you that how to check whether your sponsor  has put report against your Iqama or not. The question is that what kind of report that sponsor can put against your Iqama? Sponsor (Kafeel) can put report of run away (Huroob) against your Iqama in Saudi Arabia. Similarly, any expatriate from Saudi can checkout Huroob status online through website of Ministry Of Labor of Saudi Arabia.

check huroob status

  1. Visit the following link of Ministry of Labor website online.
  2. Enter you Iqama number (Saudi Residential Permit ) on the second box.check huroob status of iqama
  3. Press the enter button to checkout your Check Huroob status.

There if you find company status with color White, Green, Yellow or Red then your Iqama isn’t reported yet. But if you find any message such as shown in picture then your Sponsor (Kafeel) has reported against your Iqama Number as Huroob.

check huroob status of iqama-2


Through this method, you can checkout whether your Sponsor or Employer report against your Iqama number as Huroob or not. Follow all the steps mentioned at below.

  1. Visit the Ministry of Interior (MOI) website by following given link. [ CHECK HUROOB STATUS ]
  2. Enter your Iqama Number on the text box and hit enter button.

If you get the message as you can see on the below screenshot then your Employer reported against your Iqama as Huroob Status.

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checking huroob status of iqama

Note: Let you know that above mentioned methods are not applicable for domestic workers and this method is only indicative as well. To confirm this status, you need to get print out this report from Passport (Jawazat) office.


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